The benefits of writing over 300 words

14th July 2017/0/22
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If you’re writing for a business without much experience, it can be hard to know what the ideal length of the post would be. We’re here to help you understand the crucial length for all businesses.
If you’re struggling, you may have searched the internet looking for the magic number. After reading a couple of articles, you haven’t been helped much by the lack of certainty in the answers available. This is because there isn’t a ‘magic number’ for the perfect blog, it could be 400 words or 2000, if the content is good it can be successful. One thing that is guaranteed however is that especially from a business point of view, 300 words is the minimum you should write.

So now you know that 300 words is the least that you should write, here’s the benefits of writing above the crucial amount.

Search engines prefer it
Search engines are known to be very careful about what content they allow to come first on their results page. Although other variables are considered, word count is an important factor. You’ll notice that if you’re searching for something on Google, you’ll very rarely leave the first page looking for what you need, in fact, this is the same for most users with 75% never reaching the second page of results. That means that if you’re not on this page, it’s going to be very difficult to get conversions. No page or article is going to be on page one with less than 300 words as Google places only the ‘best’ content here. Google sees content with less than 300 words as irrelevant to users.

You can integrate more keywords
SEO, search engine optimisation, is adjusting your content to make it appear higher on the SERP. Keywords are used to boost your position as search engines will scan your content and based on the keywords that you’ve used, the search engine will decide how relevant your content is to a user’s query. For optimal performance, the more keywords that you can include, the better. However, there’s certain conditions that need to be met. You can’t just write a blog full of them – only 2.7% of your content can be one of your keywords. This means the higher your word count, the more keywords that you’ll be able to use.

Interaction with audience
What’s the most important thing for a business? Your customers. That means that it’s important to keep them happy by encouraging interaction and with a good blog post over 300 words, you can gain a wider audience. If your blogs are just an image with 50 words of text advertising something, this will probably not get much interaction as there’s barely any content to interact with. Also, this would not be worth sharing with their followers and friends via types of social media. If you write a blog, including details and interesting facts with over 300 words, this is worth sharing from a user’s perspective. That not only means that your customers are enjoying your blog but you’re also going to reach a wider audience if they choose to share it.

Opportunity to show some character
Whereas the business website is based on getting conversions, your blog is mainly going to be aiming to provide interesting content to your customers. Of course, the blog may include some hints towards a conversion but the main thing is to make the business more human. No one wants to read a blog solely promoting a product, they want to read something informative and stimulating. You would struggle to do this in under 300 words so it is best to aim for more than this. For the most part, you won’t be able to market your business and write something interesting in 50 words so aiming for a minimum of 300 words will allow the personality of the business to come out which customers will love. It also gives people who aren’t currently customers a good impression that your business cares about its customers by providing content like this.

Raises your business’s website
A good quality blog with over 300 words linked back to your main website will then push that website up the search engine results page, hopefully meaning more conversions for your business. This is an easy way to boost SERP (search engine results page) position.


These are our 5 main benefits of writing over 300 words, do you have any other benefits that you think are equally important? Let us know!