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On the face of it social networking may seem irrelevant and possibly a waste of time for your business, however, if done correctly it can translate into real benefits for your company. The social networks provide access to a global audience of millions and the nature of the sites allows you to discover people and communities that are aligned to the services and products your business produces.

Imagine being able to communicate your marketing messages online, in variety of media formats, and then have your army of followers pass on those messages to their friends and family who in turn do the same. Get it right and very quickly you have a message that will have travelled the world and hopefully delivered increased traffic to your site.

Social Media

We have been making use of social media for own benefit for some time now and you can find us on both Twitter and Facebook. We have put our own experiences to good use and now manage a variety of social networking accounts for our clients. This communication channel is now common place alongside the traditional methods such as phone and e-mail and savvy internet users will expect the same from professional and credible online businesses.

“Facebook now has over 600 million members and enjoys more search traffic than Google”

Our Social Services

Building Followers

Once you start making use of social media the next step is to encourage people to follow or like you and build up an audience for your posts. We can help add targeted followers to your social networking accounts, consisting of people specifically interested in your field of expertise and business. More followers equals more traffic for your posts and website.

Profile Creation and Branding

This is ideal for those businesses who want to manage their own social media output but want a good kick start to their campaigns and also a professional image that matches in with their website and corporate image. We can create the graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts and also configure your profiles and layouts to compliment your brand.

Fully Managed Profiles

This package leaves your social media strategy to us and we take care of creating your profile, building followers and posting messages. We tie everything back to the fundamental goals of your business so that all activity on the social networks can be tracked and a real return on investment measured. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for our clients as they seek to take advantage of social networking but don’t have the experience or resources available themselves.

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If you would like to share a Jaffa Cake with a company who understands social networking and how to put it to good use for your business please call 01924 692001, fill out our enquiry form or e-mail us at