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23rd March 2016/0/17
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Getting your social media timing spot on could be the key to your businesses success. Even though you may access your social media accounts throughout the day via your mobile, there are still peak times to publish content for the maximum engagement.

Planning what you are going to publish is one thing, but understanding when to publish it is also key. Social media sites all have certain times of the day where the amount of visitor to the networks peaks. Getting your content out at the right time could actually mean a lot more people see it and share your business to an even greater audience.

It’s not as straight forwards as it may seem tough, as each social networking site has a different time and day to when they see the most traffic.

Social media is great for boosting your business, just make sure that you get your timing spot on!


Facebook: Lunchtime and after dinner are the most popular times of the day for people to be actively using Facebook. People often browse Facebook during their free time, so publishing content during their lunch breaks or when they are relaxing at home will typically receive the most interaction. Plus, if you can get a picture in there. A picture grabs people’s attention a lot more than just text.

Twitter: Twitter depends on whether it is B2B (Business to business) communication or B2C (Business to consumer). B2B twitter is great for use during the typical working hours of 9-5, as people don’t want to take work home with them. B2C works great on weekends and evenings outside of traditional working hours. However, Twitter visitors do typically peak between 12-6pm on the site in its entirety.

Linkedin: Deemed the social network of business, Linkedin’s traffic spikes during typical 9-5 business week, with a higher click rate on a morning. A lot of workers may check their account whist on the daily commute or alongside checking their morning emails.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the aspirational social network. A site designed to draw in the users and keep them hooked for hours. Pinterest is a platform that people use when they have got a spare few minutes to look through. Visitors increase to this social network after 6pm on an evening and throughout the day on a weekend.

Instagram: Instagram is the one social network that seems to benefit from traffic the most on a Monday. Mondays 3-4pm, see the most people scrolling through their app when they are in a Monday lull. Get your content on towards the end of people’s working day and get their attention.

Google+: Similar to Linkedin, Google+ is deemed more popular amongst businesses so traffic peaks during weekdays 9-11am. Posting early keeps you in the mind of other likeminded business owners or competitors.


Posting on each social network when the website typically has the most visitors can definitely be beneficial, but if you can’t make the suggested time slot, then still make sure you upload you content. Fresh content is better than no content at all!

Posting during ideal times can see a real increase in social media traffic and hopefully an increase in your website traffic too!

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