Simple SEO tips to rank highly on Google

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Simple SEO tips to rank highly on Google


Simple SEO tips to rank highly on Google

It’s great that you have a beautiful, informative website but what if potential customers can’t actually find your website?

Your website must compete with a billion others on Google, making it difficult for people to find you without any SEO (search engine optimisation).

Did you know that 75% of users never reach the second page of results? This makes it crucial that your website is on the first page of Google or you risk your website not improving your business at all, a disaster for a business where your website is a critical marketing tool.

Claim/create Google My Business

Creating or claiming Google My Business is not only a simple SEO tip but it’s also free! Google My Business allows you to put your address, opening hours and phone number on Google so that potential customers can easily get in touch with you. Not only can you put key information relating to your business here, customers can also review you.

Google will take these results into account when placing you on the search engine results page so if you have key details and good reviews, you’re more likely to be found higher in the search engine. Not only that but you get a link to your website too, key to SEO!

A Google study found that those who add photos to their Google My Business have 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses who don’t. For free, it’s not an opportunity that you should pass up.

Add your business to directories

Again, this is not only simple to do but usually free. Like Google My Business, other directories allow you to also add key information relating to your business as well as photographs such as your logo and location. This is so that people can easily get in touch if they’re in need of your services or products.

Adding your website to a range of relevant directories has a range of benefits. You can easily be found in your ‘category’ (website designer in our case) by people requiring your services but also, it’s an excellent way to get inbound, one-way links to your website which improves your search engine ranking with Google.

The only negative to adding your business to directories is that it isn’t an instant boost to your search engine ranking. This is because many directories will be getting thousands if not millions of directory submissions every day, resulting in it taking a long time to actually get listed. If you are in a rush however, with some directories you can pay for a premium service to get you listed in days as opposed to months.

Regularly blog on your own website

Free and usually interesting, blogging on your website is an excellent simple SEO tip. Blogging allows you to entertain your customers whilst also boosting your search engine ranking with keywords.

Blogging on your website has plenty of benefits that make it a great tactic for your business. Not only can you entertain, inform and intrigue your readers, with careful and smart use of keywords, you can give your search engine ranking a good boost. With helpful posts especially, you can lead people to your website through social media, potentially gaining a conversion. Other than all these other benefits, each time you post a blog post it’s one more opportunity to show up in search engines, which is what you want!

Two interesting statistics that we discovered when conducting research for this article demonstrate why blogging is going to be so beneficial to your website. One, websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages and two, companies who blog receive 97% more links to their websites. The benefits of these statistics are obvious: More indexed pages mean Google will recognise your website as an invaluable resource for their users and 97% more links to your website means more opportunity for conversions.

Guest blog for other websites

Another simple SEO tip is guest blogging for other websites. This means you can create engaging content whilst gaining a link to your website.

Guest blogging will reap the rewards for your website. People love free content for their websites so they’re likely to take it off your hands in return for simply a link to your website. The link to your website increases your domain authority, improving Google’s opinion of you and therefore improving your search engine ranking. Not only this, it can also improve your writing ability for creating content for your own website!