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Grapple with Google

Increasingly web users are searching online to find the companies, products and services that they are interested in. It is now more likely that a visitor to your website will have found you from a web search rather than from your web address. To ensure that your website features highly on the search engine results pages there are things we can do to optimise your site so that it becomes more appealing to the search engines and consequently increases your visibility.

Often overlooked but vital in increasing your SEO is to have well written, regularly updated relevant content on your website. Despite all the activity required to satisfy the software of the search engines your site must ultimately appeal to humans and by providing compelling information for your visitors you increase the likelihood of other websites linking to you which also gives your own SEO a welcome boost.

Search Engine Optimisation

We have been undertaking SEO services for our existing website clients for several years and this experience is invaluable in this confusing and permanently shifting landscape. We have a variety of services available that can be tailored to suit your needs such as pay as you go, pay on results or fixed fee contracts. We are proud of our work and to prove our ability please perform a sample search for Caravan Storage Rates on Yahoo, Bing or Google. Our client, Castleford Caravan Storage, will appear in the top three results for each of these search engines.

“83% of UK online shoppers use search engines to research a purchase”

Our SEO Services

Bing Search
On Site Optimisation

This service is a total audit of your current site to ensure that a wide variety of different factors that could affect your search engine positions are correctly tuned for your needs and relevant keywords. This review also checks that there is nothing on your site that could be negatively affecting your position such as duplicate content and broken links.

Ask Jeeves
Link Building Campaigns

An important part of improving your SEO is through acquiring links from trusted domains to your website. The search engines interpret these links as votes as to the integrity and quality of your site and so the more inbound links you can obtain, the greater impact this will have on your search page position. Most SEO professionals agree this is a major contributor to your sites SEO performance.

Competitors & Keyword Analysis

We have the tools and experience to determine how much traffic you might expect from a particular keyword should you gain a prominent position on the search engines. We can also accurately estimate how much work may be involved in achieving a good rank for a particular phrase or keyword. Finally we can also discover how your competitors achieved their position for a keyword and formulate a strategy based on this research to overtake their position for your business.

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