It’s okay to scroll, honestly!

22nd June 2016/0/21
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It’s okay to scroll, honestly!

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Scrolling on a website is completely normal. It is everywhere, from Amazon and Tesco to Twitter and Facebook, scrolling is used far and wide!

Just think about how much content there is on the internet; it would be impossible to put all of that above the fold.  Plus, modern websites are designed to make use of space, to make a site user friendly and show all of the benefits your business can provide to your target audience.

Above the fold?


Occasionally we get requests from clients to make their new website above the fold, meaning that the entirety of the website is designed to fit in the screen as you see it and no scrolling is involved.  However, one key thing to bear in mind is that just because you aren’t scrolling on other websites doesn’t mean other people aren’t. It really is okay to scroll!

A lot of people have developed their computer knowledge with the innate skillset that scrolling is a good thing. To read on further or to see more information, most people simply know that they need to scroll down the page to find out more.

One size does not fit all


One key factor to understand is that what you are seeing on your screen is not necessarily what others are seeing on their screens. There is a plethora of variables involved, from screen sizes and resolutions to font and colour settings, and let’s not forget about mobile devices!

More people than ever are using their mobile phones and tablets to browse websites when they are on the go. Meaning that the screen they are looking at is dramatically smaller than your computer or laptop screen. In 2016 everything Is about convenience; people want to be able to access information quickly and conveniently, so they do so using whatever device they have access to at the time.

Being able to browse on a mobile phone or tablet almost guarantees that anyone browsing your site will need to scroll.  Due to the significantly smaller screen size and the orientation typically changing from landscape to portrait, the design and layout of your site will need to change in order to adapt for that device. When we’re building your site we take this into consideration. We take many of those variables into consideration when we design your website. We check it and test it in a variety of monitor sizes/resolutions and we also offer responsive design services for mobile devices as well!

Being Mobile responsive ensures that your site adapts to the screen it is on, meaning that every users gets the most beneficial version of your site at that time.

Here to stay!


If you’re not already scrolling on websites, you could be missing out on so much vital information. Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop you can benefit from so much more by making sure that you scroll. Plus, it looks like smart phones and tablets are here to stay for a long while yet, it’s safe to say that long scroll is on its way to becoming a timeless technique.

Honestly, it’s okay to scroll!

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