How to increase your Facebook likes

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How to increase your Facebook likes


How to increase your Facebook likes

With over one billion daily users, Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool. As opposed to other marketing tools with that sort of opportunity, Facebook can be used completely free. Whilst paid marketing through Facebook can do wonders, even using it for free is a huge opportunity for your business to get more traffic to your website and therefore conversions. Having Facebook likes also means that potential customers will trust you more than somebody with no likes. Despite this potential for a huge audience, getting likes and interaction can be difficult. This blog post is to help you use your account to its full potential.

Invite your friends to like and share

Especially if you’re creating a new Facebook page, asking your friends and family to like your page is often a good idea. This will mean that their friends will see on their timeline that they’ve liked your page and potentially snowball if they like it too. Even better, if they can share your page for you then you will get more exposure as it demonstrates that the sharer trusts your business.

Utilize giveaways/contests

If you’re giving something away, people will do as you ask, especially when it’s something as simple as liking your post and Facebook post. That means this is a perfect way to get exposure as people will encourage their friends to take part in your competition too and it can also potentially snowball.

Post informative, funny or useful content

Once you’ve started to gain likers, you need to make sure that your content you put onto your Facebook is shareable. This means making sure it is something that people would want to share with their friends like a helpful blog post or something to make them laugh. This means that when people share this content, other people are likely to like your page if they think the content is good. If you can’t create content yourself, you could even share something connected to your industry that you’ve found helpful. It doesn’t have to be something written either; images and memes can double your likes and comments. It’s important to remember that it is appropriate for your business else people will forget what services you’re actually offering.

Use Facebook ads

Whilst Facebook ads aren’t free, they’re a great way to get attention and then likers. If your ads offer something to a group of people, they’re likely to interact with you in the future even when you don’t have ads. Remember, once they’ve liked your page, you’ll be able to capture their attention with content you post on your page for free. With ads, you can target a specific group of people (which you decide) so that you can make sure only the people you want to buy your product are seeing it instead of everybody.

Join groups related to your industry

On Facebook, there’s millions of groups. That means that there’s sure to be a group or two that links to your industry. If you join these groups and post in them, members of that group are going to see your business. If they’re looking for your services then this might mean they’ll like your page. Joining a group is free so even a couple of extra likes is worth it!

Post at the right time

Something important that’s often forgotten is making sure that you post to Facebook at the right time. There’s plenty of statistics all over the internet as to when it’s best to post but the most important ones you need to know are actually quite obvious if you think about how you actually use Facebook personally. The best time to post is around lunch time (12 – 1pm) as people will be using Facebook in their lunch breaks. Also, posting in the evening is good as people are no longer at work. The best days for getting engagement are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you remember this when creating your posting schedule, your chances of success are much better.

Facebook likes are a great way of portraying trust and quality to new potential customers, so make sure your Facebook page reflects your business positively.