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We are a web design agency based in Batley, West Yorkshire and have been developing, designing and delivering great looking websites for over ten years now. We specialise in e-commerce , content management systems and all in one Business Solutions and our search engine optimisation services have a proven track record in achieving high search engine rankings for our clients.

Our philosophy is not just to build stylishly designed websites but to make sure they actually contribute to the commercial goals of your business. Having an award winning website is all well and good but if it’s not doing anything for your company then you are just wasting money. We focus on finding out what it is you want to achieve on a company wide level before designing a site that will satisfy those needs and subsequently deliver more customers or increased sales.

Buffalo Web Design

Our Services


Our experience and capability in this field is extensive and it shows in all the e-commerce websites we build. Whether you have 8 or 8000 products you wish to sell online we have the solution that’s right for you.

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Website Design & Development

We have designed and developed hundreds of websites over the years and this remains our core business at Buffalo. We take care of both the process of designing your site and then developing the code that makes it work as you expect.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your website is built to standards and is appealing to the Search Engines is a very important part of your digital strategy. Being listed on page 1 of the search engine results pages, as opposed to page 2, can be the difference between success and failure for online businesses.

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Meet the Team


Managing Director

Francis started Buffalo Web Design in his garage whilst playing in the Super League for the London Broncos, As a hobby he started tinkering in how websites where made & work. 15 years later he now employs 9 Members of staff & with over 300 websites under his belt.

With working hard requires playing hard, He boasts how he would like to be a professional real ale taster!

Favourite quote “Some days you’re the dog and some days you’re the lamppost “



Accounts & Customer Service

The boss behind the boss, Louise is a 50% shareholder at buffalo being married to Francis for 16 or 17 years after winning him in a charity raffle. Louise brings the element of class to the office as she is the only person with a REAL title, which she likes to use whenever possible. So please refer to her as “Lady Louise”. She is a self-described social animal and karaoke machine thanks to her best friend pinot grigio. Often mistaken for Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning from EastEnders) however this celebrity status doesn’t stop Lady Louise from being an excellent Accounts and Customer Service Manager and Boss of course.



Graphic Designer

As our designer, Zoe has a real skill for anything visual, with an impeccable design sense and particular attention to detail.

Zoe has a diverse skills set and background, undertaking a degree in Digital fashion design allowed her to research and develop her skills within niche topics like body art, whilst also creating a complete 24 piece final fashion design collection. Zoe has worked in ecommerce since graduating, allowing her to incorporating everything she knows.

In her free time Zoe can sometimes be found binge watching a TV series on Netflix, eating out with friends or mastering the real art of shoe shopping.



Web Developer

Profile Coming Soon!



Web Developer

John is neither woman nor bird even though his obsession with dressing up may suggest otherwise. He can often be seen in women’s clothes or dressed as a pretty flamingo. Former rugby league prodigy who got his nifty moves from his true passion of tap dance and may yet be the next Gene Kelly. Music plays a big part in his life and he has a somewhat eclectic taste which includes Rage against the Machine, Aloe Black, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Eminem.

John has an unrealistic view on what he looks like, he thinks he looks like Terry Crews when in fact he is Zach Galifianakis’ screen double (Allen from the Hangover movies).

He used to live down under but had to leave after an ice bucket incident which he managed to make fly through the air and land on the heads of 2 Police Officers. Apparently trying to get the cops to cool off in this way is not “cool”.

So for now, until his call for tap dancing stardom, he is helping Buffalo develop amazing websites for its’ customers.



Search and Social Manager

Profile Coming Soon!



Marketing Executive

Becky is the latest member of the Buffalo Herd. She joins us after completing a degree in English Language & Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. An avid blogger with a healthy interest in Beauty, Skincare and Fashion – and a slightly unhealthy obsession with shoes! – Becky is already a highly valued member of team buffalo. Becky brings with her a wide range of skills, having gained experience in various roles from working with children & charities right through to working in a busy sales department. Somehow Becky still manages to find some spare time to pursue her personal interests which include running marathons – following on from a successful half marathon attempt, Becky aims to complete a full marathon in the near future.



Social Media Manager

Profile Coming Soon!


Social Media Manager

Profile Coming Soon!