7 signs your website needs updating

19th January 2017/0/23
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7 signs your website needs updating

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7 signs your website needs updating


In today’s technology driven world, websites, mobile devices and how we use the internet is constantly changing. So, it is important that your website keeps up to these changes too. So if you’ve had your current website for 5 years or more it may be worth seriously considering a digital facelift! Here are 7 top reasons to consider updating your website:


  1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

In 2017, not having a mobile friendly website stops people looking at your website when they’re browsing on the go. The UK is now a smartphone society, with smartphones overtaking laptops as the most popular device for getting online. Smartphones and tablets have become the hub of our daily lives, so having a mobile friendly website is a must.

  1. Slow-loading website

As connectivity speeds increase, patience decreases. If your site takes forever to load, you will lose potential customers. Fixing this depends on how your website was built, but speed improvements can generally be achieved through image compression, content optimization and caching. You can check your site’s speed using speed tests like Google PageSpeed.

  1. High bounce rate

A high bounce rate, especially on your home page, indicates that potential customers are not getting a good impression when they click through to your website. This could mean that they don’t like what they see, or are unable to quickly find what they’re looking for. It is important that your website is easy to navigate and has everything a potential client needs at hand.

  1. Your site looks outdated

Unfortunately, most people judge a website by its appearance and not by its content. As your site reflects your company, an outdated website will provide a negative impression of you and the services you offer. Make sure your website reflects exactly what you do and the level of customer service and quality your business can deliver.

  1. You can’t add content to your site

If you can’t easily update or maintain your website, you should consider using a content management system (CMS). A CMS will allow you to manage your website easily and effectively without the need for coding knowledge. That means, you can personally add to or switch your content based on your specific goals, while constantly optimizing your website.

  1. Your website has a poor conversion rate

Your website needs to be able to convert visitors — get them to take an action — in a measurable way. It could be purchases, making an inquiry, or signing up for a newsletter. However, if your website is unable to convert visitors or the conversion rates have dipped, it’s a tell-tale sign that it’s time to update your website.

  1. It doesn’t make the right first impression

If your content is static or out of date, then it’s time to consider giving your website a fresh look. High performing websites lead with their content first and share their message through clever images and snappy content.


If your website performance has been dwindling over recent months then it may be time to invest some time into updating your website, after all, your website is the online equivalent of your shop window. Make your first impression count and make good use of our 7 signs your website needs updating.

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