5 things to include on your website homepage

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5 things to include on your website homepage


5 things to include on your website homepage

When you’re investing in a website, getting it right first time is important. Considering that, surprisingly so many businesses miss out crucial components to making their website a success and then wonder why it isn’t providing leads for them. Here’s 5 things to include on your website to help your site succeed.


1: Easy navigation

Not even SEO can help if your website’s navigation is bad; it’s unbelievable how much of a difference having easy navigation can make to your homepage, especially considering this is the page most people will visit. If they can’t get anywhere from the homepage they’ll leave straight away, increasing your bounce rate.

When you’re constructing your website, it’s imperative to make sure that you make it easy to navigate your website. If you’re directing people to your website to purchase a certain product or service, don’t hide that away on your website – guarantee it’s easily found!


2: Testimonials

When a friend recommends a product to you, would you go buy it? This is the role that testimonials play to those visiting your website. If there’s success stories on your homepage, it means that it’s one of the first things that the visitor is going to see. In turn, this will encourage them to buy your services or products.

We know what you’re thinking: a friend recommending a service or product is one thing, a testimonial is another thing altogether. Fortunately, this isn’t how the rest of the internet thinks; a recent study shows that 79% of consumers trust reviews and testimonials as much as they would their friends or family. Testimonials garner trust – put them on your homepage!


3: High quality images

A picture is worth a thousand words – or whatever variation of this clichéd idiom you use – has never been truer than when it comes to your website. Images are everything when it comes to your homepage. Demonstrating work that you have done with quality images says so much more than just some words explaining how well you do a job. Not only should you have concrete evidence of work you’ve done, specifically images or pictures, it’s also a good idea to have pictures of your team and office. This demonstrates credibility and builds trust.

When it comes to images however, it’s notable that you should generally move away from stock images. Whilst they might suit some places on your website, you want to make sure that your homepage has original images. People can identify a stock image from a mile away, instigating distrust. Avoid this by using your own images.


4: Noticeable call to action

Even if you heed our advice and include our last 3 recommendations, some visitors to your site still won’t know what they must do, i.e. what you want them to do. This is where your CTA (call to action) comes in. Making your CTA a big, unmissable attraction is often the way to go. By making sure even an internet rookie can see what they’re meant to do, you’re almost guaranteeing leads.

Whilst you can have more than one call to action on your homepage, make sure that the most important one is the most prominent.


5: Recent blog posts

Whilst drawing attention to your blog posts might not seem like the best way to get somebody to buy from you, it’s surprising how helpful blog posts are when you’re trying to get people to start a relationship with your brand. By stuffing your blog with helpful titbits, you’re demonstrating your expertise but also encouraging them to come back time and time again to read your articles. Whilst this doesn’t guarantee they’ll end up working with you in a way that’ll make you money, it does increase the chances.

By showing off your blog posts, it’s just another opportunity to garner trust.