The Benefits of Using a Copywriter

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If you’ve read through the previous guides and still don’t think you have the time, inspiration or confidence to write your own web content, you may wish to consider using a copywriter instead. A professional writer can take care of the whole project for you, ensuring that the content is delivered on time and to a high standard.

Many of our clients choose to use the services of our recommended copywriter for their web content – here are just a few reasons why:

Saving You Time (And Money!)

Writing your website can take hours, or in some cases, days. Many people just don’t have the luxury to put aside time to write their content, which ultimately leads to missing the deadline. If you calculate the number of hours you might spend writing even a small 5 page website, this can be considerable chunk of your valuable time. And if this were to be charged at an hourly rate, it would be extremely costly.
Outsourcing the project to a copywriter is therefore a cost-effective option for many of our clients. Providing high quality content at competitive rates, a copywriter can find the right words to say in a fraction of the time that it might have taken you.

A Professional Touch

Poorly written content can reflect badly on your brand. On the other hand, professional copywriting can really capture the essence of your business, with engaging and carefully chosen words that really sum up what you’re about. You wouldn’t choose an amateur to design and build your website, so don’t let the content on the pages let you down.

A copywriter will also be able to optimise the content for SEO purposes, with appropriate keywords, subheadings and word counts for each page, to help your website establish itself on Google’s rankings.

Speak Your Language

Copywriters have experience writing for almost every sector and industry, and will know the right tone and language to use for your business. Even if your area of expertise is quite niche, they will take the time to do a bit of background research, and if necessary ask you for the information they need, to get the content spot on. You won’t need to hold their hand through the project – a copywriter will make the process as stress-free and hands-off as possible for you.

Hiring a copywriter can save you a lot of time and stress, ensuring that the finished results are professional and delivered by the deadline. Think that outsourcing your content is the way to go? Give the Buffalo team a shout and we’ll put you in touch with our recommended copywriter.