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At Buffalo Web Design, we take pride in offering quality web design and development services with fast turnaround times. However, the website can’t go live without any content. To ensure that the project doesn’t drag on for months, we’ve got a few tips to help you plan and stick to a schedule for writing your content, to get this essential part of the job done as quickly as possible.

Work Around Your Workload

Set aside some time when you know you’ll be able to focus your web content, free from other pressing priorities and distractions. Whether this be on an evening, during your lunch break, or at the weekend, choose a time when you know you’ll have the energy and concentration to commit at least half an hour to your project.

However, don’t make the task unnecessarily daunting – scheduling in an hour every few days will be much easier to stick to than setting aside a whole afternoon.

Just Do It

In an effort to get the words exactly right, many people delay starting because they can’t think of a good opening sentence. However, if you sit down and start writing whatever comes into your head, you’ll soon find a flow. You can go back and edit later, and you may even delete huge chunks as you go along, but don’t agonise over getting it perfect first time or you may never find the right words.

Set Deadlines

Keep yourself on track to meet the final deadline for the web content, by establishing milestones to work to along the way. This can either be per page, or per draft – whatever works for you. If you’ve got an 8 page website and a fortnight to write it in, aim to complete four pages by the end of week one, and the others by the second. Make yourself accountable and you’re far less likely to put the project at the bottom of your priority list.

A Second Opinion

For those of us who don’t put pen to paper very often, it can be difficult to know if you’re on the right lines when writing your web content. Why not write the first one or two pages, and send the drafts over to the Buffalo team for a second opinion? That way, you can be confident that you’ve hit the nail on the head before you continue writing the rest of the pages.

Enlist Some Help

If you’re really struggling to find the time, words or inspiration to write your web content, don’t just ignore the issue – it won’t go away. Buffalo can put you in touch with a copywriter who can take the burden off your shoulders, and write winning web content at a competitive price.

The sooner you make a start on your web content, the more likely you are to meet the final deadline. Don’t delay the project until the last minute – little and often is the key to success when you’ve got a busy schedule to work around. If you really don’t have the time to commit to your content, talk to us and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can take care of it for you.

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