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A Great Place to Start

Businesses are increasingly turning to websites to provide information around the clock, and throughout the world, to existing and potential customers. Their sites become the professional image of the company and are replacing existing communication channels as the primary source of background research for prospective clients. The absence of a website can also negatively affect your customer’s perception of your business.

Nowhere else is the old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” more applicable than the internet. A poorly designed and unprofessional website will negatively effect your business, both online and in the real world, regardless of how good your products and services are. Web users make a decision on your companies credibility within seconds of landing on your site and this perception has a measurable effect on their purchasing decisions.

Adam El Koussy

Every site we build is like a mini advert for our services so we take great care in designing and developing a website that looks great and delivers exactly what you need for your business. We also believe in the less is more principal and if your business only needs a 5 page brochure website, then that’s what we build. At Buffalo we want all our clients to be proud of their websites and eager to point your friends, family, suppliers, competitors and clients towards its home page at every possible opportunity.

Customer Enquiries

Handling customer enquiries should be the corner stone of your online strategy. Provided your website is doing its job you should be receiving any number of customer enquiries either through the website, via e-mail, social media or traditional phone calls. These enquiries represent the start of the sales process and your site can also be used as a further tool to convert these leads into paying customers.

Products and Services

This is your opportunity to tell the world how good you are. Make sure your descriptive text is short and concise but provides enough information for your prospective clients to decide that your products and services are what they want. We can’t emphasise enough here how important really good photography is, a picture paints a thousand words after all. Don’t worry we have all the skills resources and experience at Buffalo to make sure your website looks great.

Latest News

A lot of really good sites fail because they don’t keep their content fresh and up to date. Nothing puts a regular customer off more than a site that never updates. A good way of keeping things current, if your product or service offering doesn’t alter much, is to include a latest news page. Tell everyone what you have been up to and any good news the company has had then tie this story into one of your products or services.

Photo Galleries

No matter what business you are in a professional photo gallery always adds prestige to any website. They can be used to showcase your products, services, premises, staff or customers as well as many other applications. We have a wide range of stunning galleries we can add to your website to impress your visitors. Take a look at our portfolio page for a simple example of our animated galleries.

“UK internet users are spending an average of 23 hours a week online.”

Our Brochure Websites

Basic Brochure Website

Our basic website solution contains everything you need to establish a professional online presence. Up to 5 pages containing information such as the history of the company, the services it provides and the people it does business with. Ideal for smaller companies on a budget or those firms making their first tentative steps onto the world wide web.

Standard Brochure Website

Our standard package expands the possibilities for your site by providing more pages to describe your business and its services, all set within a professional looking and modern design. At this level you can also start including value added elements such as galleries, latest news and event diaries.

Professional Brochure Website

The pinnacle of our brochure sites make good use of cutting edge designs and upgraded themes whilst also incorporate the latest trends in web design such as subtly animated feature images and content scrollers. More space also allows for more detail on your business providing all the information your potential clients need to make an informed decision. Integration with other web services complete the benefits for this plan.

Benefits of Our Brochure Websites


Depending on your needs and how many pages you need we can take a brochure website from concept to completion in only 7 days.


Brochure sites can often be the best value for money for small business looking to begin or expand their online marketing whilst keeping an eye on their budgets.


Brochure sites can look however you want and be designed with your specific target market in mind. Sleek, minimalist, shabby chic, professional, casual or grungy the choice is yours.

Would you like to know more

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